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Call Center Overseas Aids In Expansion

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Keybranch call center can provide businesses low-cost call answering, telemarketing and sales qualifying allowing companies to expand operations. Offshore call centers are growing at an alarming rate. Many businesses are finding a cost-saving way to expand operations and grow without having the typical overhead in the United States. Customer quality Call-handling is always a concern of a company when they outsource. In fact, a recent study showed that companies offshoring call answering increased their profit by 46 percent. Sharma, P. (2012). Offshore outsourcing of customer services boon or bane? Journal of Services Marketing, 26(5), 352-364.

This allows companies to be more competitive and have flexibility in expansion. Our company uses agents in the Dominican Republic which have been found to have a similar and easier call-handling voice to that of America. Also, because they are mostly bilingual, the cost in finding bilingual agents is similar in pricing because most Dominican’s speak fluent English and Spanish.  For More information. 1-800-439-7899